Location Submission


Our location submission form is pretty straightforward to use. All we need to you to do is enter the address of the location you would like to add to the website in the ‘Address’ field above.

As you’re typing, our map system should automatically complete the address for you. If it doesn’t just keep typing your address in until it appears.

If your address never appears, try simplifying the address. For example, if you’d like to add Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California and it doesn’t appear automatically, trying shortening it to Beverly Hills, California instead.

Once you have chosen your location on the autocomplete box, the marker of your chosen location should appear on the map. You can then drag the marker to any point on the map to get the exact location. The Latitude and Longitude are displayed below the map and these are not editable fields.

When you have selected your location, please click the ‘Continue’ button