Made by golfers for golfers we understand what information you need from a weather forecast to get the most from your round of golf.

Whether you are a member of a prestigious golf club or you are just a casual player that plays on public courses, every golfer comes across the same problems if you are looking to organise a round of golf…

- What is the best day to play on?
- What would be the best time to tee-off?

Or maybe you already know your tee-time as you are playing in a competition or your friend has already booked a tee-time for you…

- What will the conditions be like at Hole 1?
- Will the weather change throughout the duration of the round?
- Will I need a golf umbrella or can I get away with wearing shorts?

What ever the scenario you find yourself in, knowing the exact weather forecast for your round of golf can make all the difference. That is where LatestGolfWeather.com comes into play.

Using accurate weather forecast feeds for every course in the UK we have put together a FREE website service where you can easily search for your golf course and within a few clicks see a full overview of the next 14 days weather. For each of those days you can also see detailed weather conditions on a 3-hourly basis.

For more details on the features included and up and coming on LatestGolfWeather.com please visit the ‘What’s New‘ section

Advanced Weather Applications (AWA) is a leading international provider of personalised, location based, global weather information. Advanced Weather Applications (AWA) are meteorological experts that pride themselves on supplying fast access to weather forecasting for any location, from wherever you are.

We hope that we help you enjoy your round of golf better by knowing the weather!

“Spend more time out on the course in the right conditions”